Voting Rights

Recent years have brought a seemingly endless wave of attacks on the freedom to vote—from the Supreme Court’s major blow to the federal Voting Rights Act in 2013, to the passage of voter ID laws that deter eligible voters in many states.

The ACLU pushes back—and wins.

In 2014, Governor Patrick signed into law a set of important measures that the ACLU of Massachusetts fought for, including early voting, online voter registration, pre-registration for 16-year-olds, and post-election audits to ensure every vote is properly counted. But we must do more. The ACLU of Massachusetts also supports legislation that would break down barriers to voting by allowing eligible voters to provide identification, register to vote and cast their ballot on Election Day.

On election days, the ACLU also monitors polling sites for voter challenges and intimidation, and throughout the year, we provide voter registration information and voter checklists.

We must reinvigorate the democratic process through policies that encourage voter participation, and clear the way for citizens to exercise this hard-won right.

Register to vote online in Massachusetts

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