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Days left to support pregnant workers!

No pregnant employee should be fired because she needs an extra bathroom break, a bottle of water or a chair to sit on. A minor accommodation can make the difference between safe, healthy working conditions and losing a job—or worse.

Before the legislative session ends, tell your lawmakers to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for pregnant workers!

Take action for women’s rights before the clock runs out

The state legislative session expires at midnight on Sunday, July 31—but there’s a lot you can do to support pay equity, fairness for pregnant workers, smart sex education and healthcare confidentiality before then.

Tell your legislators you want to see real action for women’s rights before the end of the session.

Tell legislators to support access to needle exchange programs

Needle exchange programs are one of the most effective interventions to the opioid epidemic, but in Massachusetts these programs are restricted by outdated laws based solely on stigma.

Help ensure that a budget amendment to expand access to needle exchange programs across Massachusetts gets passed into law.

Tell Boston City Council to do it right on body cameras

Residents of Boston, tell the Boston City Council to support a body camera program that ensures transparency, accountability and privacy.

Tell Congress: Protect my digital security!

Join the fight against the Department of Justice’s attempt to force technology companies to create weakened versions of their operating systems. Members of Congress are reportedly drafting legislation that would mandate backdoor access to everyone’s encrypted personal data.

Please write your representatives in Congress now and ask them to resist these efforts, which will undermine the security of our technology products.

Close the gap on pay in Massachusetts

Please ask your state representative to support the Pay Equity Bill, which would do three key things:

  • provide a definition of comparable work and encourage employers to conduct internal reviews of their payroll to ensure equitable compensation within industry standards;
  • prevent employers from asking people their previous salary history in the interview process;
  • protect employees from termination for disclosing their compensation to their co-workers and colleagues.

Contact your legislators today.

Healthcare confidentiality — Senate vote!

Mental health professionals, specialists who treat addiction, advocates for survivors of domestic violence, and family planning providers all agree: confidentiality is critical to ensuring that patients can access the health care they need.

Ask your state senator to vote YES on S.2138, An Act to Protect Access to Confidential Healthcare.

Ask Governor Baker to withdraw his opposition to accepting Syrian refugees

Governor Baker’s remarks on Monday in opposition to the settlement of Syrian refugees in Massachusetts were unfounded, dangerous, and against our Commonwealth’s values.

The Governor’s remarks ignored the dangerous and heartbreaking conditions from which refugees are fleeing, the rigorous screening process that Syrian refugees face before coming to the U.S., and our elected officials’ own duty to uphold our state and federal constitutions.

Ask Governor Baker to send a message that Massachusetts is a welcoming home for refugees.

Protect electronic privacy

The Electronic Privacy Act would protect the personal electronic records that define our lives in the 21st century. It would require law enforcement to obtain probable cause warrants in order to access: (1) the content of our electronic communication such as emails or chats; (2) information we store online in “the cloud,” such as photos, documents, digital address books and calendars, or internet search terms; and (3) real-time and historical location information. Urge lawmakers to act.

Repeal mandatory minimum sentences

Mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses force judges to put people in prison—sometimes for much longer than necessary—regardless of the person’s need for treatment or lack of a prior criminal record. Ask your legislators to make criminal justice in Massachusetts more just.

Photo by Bryan MacCormack.

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Days left to secure a win for pregnant workers!

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