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We’re running out of time to pass the Safe Communities Act.

Legislators face a February 7 deadline to advance the Safe Communities Act out of committee. We need our legislators to disentangle local law enforcement from federal deportation efforts.

Call your legislators now and tell them to advance the Safe Communities Act.


Step up and protect immigrants who are being targeted by Trump’s deportation machine.

We’re running out of time to pass the Safe Communities Act (SCA). The SCA will protect everyone in our communities by focusing resources on public safety, rather than enforcing federal anti-immigrant policies.

Email your legislators today and tell them that we need to pass the Safe Communities Act.


Tell Congress: Step in and save Net Neutrality

Net neutrality isn’t dead yet. Now we’re taking the fight to Congress.
Pro-net neutrality Congress members will use the Congressional Review Act in a bid to reverse this hasty and misguided FCC action. We have 60 legislative days (i.e. days when Congress is in session) to pressure Congress to act.

We need to push our members of Congress to represent our interests and reverse the FCC’s dismantling of net neutrality. The future of our free, fair, and open internet is at stake.



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Tell legislators to disentangle Massachusetts law enforcement from the Trump administration’s deportation machine

It's time to pass legislation to ensure our law enforcement officers do not go out of their way »