Pass Simple Protections for Immigrants

Call your state representative now.

Please call your state representative and urge them to stand up for ALL Massachusetts residents by adopting simple protections for immigrant families.

If you know the name of your representative, call the MA House Switchboard at (617) 722-2000 and ask to be connected.

If you don’t, click below to find out.


Call Script:

  1. Hello, my name is __________ and I live in [city or town].
  2. I’m calling to urge Rep. ________ to support basic legal protections for immigrants in the budget.
  3. I’m talking about making sure Massachusetts resources are used to fight crime and keep local communities safe, not to assist federal deportation and family separation; and guaranteeing that people in local custody are informed about their rights.
  4. Will Rep. ________ please ask Speaker DeLeo and Chairman Sanchez to make sure these protections end up in the final 2019 budget?
  5. Thank you!

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