In 2013, the ACLU of Massachusetts launched a multi-million dollar initiative backed by local technology industry leaders Joshua Boger and Paul Sagan to bring civil rights and civil liberties firmly into the digital age. The initiative consists of two projects:

The Technology for Liberty Project

Our Technology for Liberty Project works to ensure that laws protecting privacy and individual liberty keep pace with new technology—and that technology is put in the service of liberty. The right to video record the police in the performance of official duties, as well as protections against government tracking of cell phones without a warrant are just two of the many recent victories.

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The Justice for All Project

The Justice for All Project works with traditionally underserved communities to ensure that due process, freedom of speech, and equal protection under the law are guaranteed for all residents of the Commonwealth. Recent victories include defending the right of Black Lives Matter protestors to march and speak out; reforms to police practices to address racial bias; challenges to indefinite detention without due process for immigrants, and ensuring equal access to reproductive health care for poor women.

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