Racial Justice

Our country has yet to break free from systems of racial injustice. The war on drugs and mandatory minimum sentencing, police misconduct, the underfunding of education, school discipline policies that funnel children into the juvenile and criminal justice system, and continuing segregation all disproportionately affect people of color. Even worse, voter suppression laws, racially discriminatory policing and anti-immigrant policies and legislation actually target people of color.

The ACLU fights racial discrimination and works for racial justice nationwide. We support the implementation of police body-worn cameras that follow three core principles—accountability, privacy and transparency—and offer our model policy, backed by civil rights groups and community groups.

And in Massachusetts today, the work of our Justice for All Project focuses on ensuring fair and effective policing, ending over-incarceration and ensuring a fair justice system for everyone.

Photo: ACLU of Massachusetts staff attorney Carl Williams speaks at a rally in front of Boston Police Department headquarters after unrest in Ferguson in summer 2014.


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