Modern technology enables electronic and physical monitoring of our lives by government and corporations in ways that were once unthinkable. But thanks to our Technology for Liberty Project, the ACLU of Massachusetts works to ensure that 21st-century privacy protections catch up with and govern 21st-century technologies.

We fight for privacy in court. For example, in 2014, we won a groundbreaking victory for privacy when the state’s highest court ruled that Massachusetts state and local police typically need warrants before tracking people by cell phone.

We also lobby state lawmakers to follow this lead by passing ACLU-backed bills that would:

  • protect emails, texts, documents stored online and GPS records from government access without a warrant;
  • protect drivers from government tracking and private corporations’ misuse of their driving data;
  • prevent employers and schools from demanding access to private social media accounts as a condition of employment or education;
  • and establish rules for the use of drones, aerial machines that can be equipped with cameras or microphones to monitor protests and other activity on the ground.

We educate people about privacy rights through our PrivacySOS blog and provide Know Your Rights materials and trainings on how to protect those rights, for dissenters and protestors, Muslims, communities of color and immigrants—who all find themselves disproportionately targeted—and for everyone.

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