Police body-worn cameras: Let’s do it right

Photo: Rahsaan Hall, director of the ACLU of Massachusetts Racial Justice Program (left), joins residents at a Roslindale community forum on the Boston Police Department’s body-worn camera pilot program on April 26, 2016. Photo by Ananda Zhu

The ACLU of Massachusetts believes that body-worn cameras—along with police-civilian receipts, better training, and better data—can be an important step towards greater oversight and accountability of police officers.

We urge cities and towns across Massachusetts to adopt body-worn camera programs that follow three core principles: accountability, privacy, and transparency. Body cameras are not a panacea. But, if combined with good policies, they can build community trust and improve safety on both sides of the badge.

That’s why it’s not enough for Massachusetts cities and towns to join their peers in other parts of the country that have implemented body cameras—we also need to do it right. To that end, the ACLU has offered our model policy, backed by civil rights groups and community groups. In fact, on June 28, 2016, we sent our suggested model policy to 40 police departments across the state. We selected communities where body-worn cameras might offer a benefit given the concentrations of three potentially vulnerable populations: people of color, non-English speakers, or people living below the poverty threshold.

You can learn more here about why the ACLU supports body cameras done right:

Body cameras throughout Massachusetts

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Graphic illustrating that a good police body camera program takes into account participation from community members, privacy protections and public accountability

By Hallie Pope

By Hallie Pope

By Hallie Pope

Read our model policy

ACLU of Massachusetts Model Body-Worn Camera Policy (June 23, 2016)

Read our position paper

Police Body-Worn Cameras: How to Do It Right in Massachusetts (June 2016)

Read our briefing paper

The Legality of Police Body-Worn Cameras in Massachusetts (June 2016)

Read FAQs about body cameras

Frequently Asked Questions about Body-Worn Cameras in Massachusetts (June 2016)

Learn the facts

  • Currently, 66 of the 100 biggest police departments in the U.S. have either implemented or are planning to implement police body-worn cameras.
  • Boston has been an outlier among the 25 largest U.S. cities in its failure to implement body-worn cameras.
  • The ACLU’s proposed body-worn camera policies include privacy protections for civilians and disciplinary actions for officers who do not follow protocols.
  • The Obama Administration has pledged $75 million to help police departments use body-worn cameras.

Learn more by reading our position paper and listening to the Civil Liberties Minute podcast Are the cops near you wearing body cameras?.

Who supports police body-worn cameras?

ACLU staff and community allies testified in support of Boston City Councillor Charles Yancey's ordinance requiring police to use body-worn cameras at a hearing on August 5, 2015.

ACLU staff and community allies testified in support of Boston City Councillor Charles Yancey’s ordinance requiring police to use body-worn cameras at a hearing on August 5, 2015.

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