Tell your legislator: we stand with our immigrant neighbors!

The Safe Communities Act is the most comprehensive pro-immigrant bill in the legislature this session. It would make sure our local agencies don’t collaborate with the federal deportation machine.

Lately, anti-immigrant forces have been coming out of the woodwork and flooding legislators with anti-immigrant calls. When they are loud, they make legislators afraid of doing the right thing. But we know that they are just a vocal minority. We need to show legislators that the overwhelming majority of Massachusetts voters want to keep local resources focused on caring for our communities, not assisting Trump’s ratcheted-up federal immigration enforcement.

Find your state representative here and let them know: we stand with our immigrant neighbors!



Hi, my name is ____________ and I’m a constituent. I live in [City/Town].

I’m calling to ask Representative _______ to stand up for Massachusetts values by supporting the Safe Communities Act filed by Rep. Matias (H.3269).

I don’t want to see local resources invested in enforcing federal immigration law. It’s not our job and it’s not where state and local money should go. Local resources should focus on community safety, not federal immigration enforcement.

Under the Trump administration Deportation of immigrants without any criminal history has tripled. When police act as immigration agents or on behalf of ICE, victims and witnesses of crime are afraid to call police, which makes us all less safe.

Please ask Rep. ___________ to urge the Public Safety committee to advance pro-immigrant legislation. Massachusetts needs to stand up for our values.

Thank you!


This legislation would:

  • Say no to Massachusetts participation in any Muslim registry
  • Focus our police on fighting crime locally, not helping deport people from our communities or participating in raids or roundups.
  • Say no to deputizing local police and sheriffs to act with the full powers of ICE agents – on our dime.
  • Uphold the constitution and provide due process protections for those caught up locally in deportation efforts.

It would not make Massachusetts a “Sanctuary State” subject to federal penalties.

If the person you speak with wants more information, you can direct them to a fact sheet on our website, at


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