Tell your police chief not to support President Trump’s deportation machine

Photo by Laura Rótolo: A child holds a sign saying “Don’t take my Dad,” after a raid on immigrants in Lowell, Massachusetts in 2008.

Residents of the Greater Boston area: Tell your police chief not to support President Trump’s deportation machine

According to news sources, an unknown number of police departments in the Greater Boston area received this message last week:

“Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Port of Boston is currently in the process of securing overnight bed space in detention facilities operated by local police departments…”

Letter from CBP

They want local police to rent out jail cells to hold immigrants until CBP can kick them out of the country.

This is part of the Trump administration’s plan to ramp up deportations. The leaked letter confirms a strategy of increasing the kind of fast deportations that don’t give the person an opportunity to make their case in front of an immigration judge.

Ask your local police department if they have received such a request and let them know that you oppose any entanglement with Trump’s deportation machine.

1. Find and call your local police department

Arlington: 781-316-3900
Brookline: 617-730-2222
Burlington: 781-272-1212
Cambridge: 617-349-3300
Everett: 617-394-2364
Lexington: 781-862-1212
Medford: 781-395-1212
Melrose: 781-665-1212
Newton: 617-796-2100
Quincy: 617-479-1212
Revere: 781-284-1212
Stoneham: 781-438-1215
Waltham: 781-893-3700
Watertown: 617-972-6500
Winchester: 781-729-5429
Winthrop: 617-846-1212
Woburn: 781-932-4510

2. Voice your concerns

Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a [CITY/TOWN] resident.

I understand that the federal Customs and Border Protection agency has asked police departments in our area for permission to use local detention beds to hold people who have just arrived in the U.S. until they can be deported. I’m deeply concerned about local police getting involved in immigration enforcement.

Question 1: Can you tell me if [CITY/TOWN] has received such a request?

Question 2: Would the [CITY/TOWN] police department ever consider agreeing to such a request?

If the answer to Question 2 is NO:

Thank you. Please tell the Chief that I’m glad to know [CITY/TOWN] police won’t participate in this program. Thank you.

If the answer to Question 2 is YES or I DON’T KNOW:

Please tell the Chief that I want to see [CITY/TOWN] police focus on community safety and not spend local resources to help deport people. Thank you.

3. Share your feedback with us

Your feedback informs our advocacy. Tell us what happened when you made the call.

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