Indefinite detention

Mitt Romney and the shame of Guantanamo

One way that Republican presidential contenders could go after President Obama is by criticizing his record on civil liberties, such as his yet-to-be fulfilled pledge to close Guantanamo--but, with only a few exceptions (Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman), they can't, because their stance on indefinite detention without charge or trial is worse than the President's. ACLU of Massachusetts Education Director Nancy Murray originally guest-wrote the following blog for

President Obama signs National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

The ACLU opposes NDAA because it contains a sweeping worldwide indefinite detention provision. If it remains in effect, its ambiguous language is likely to remain a threat to fundamental freedoms long after President Obama has moved on.

Blog: Obama signs the NDAA despite "serious reservations" | Take action

Looming bill would authorize detention of US citizens without charge or trial

ACLU of Massachusetts and 12 Boston-area organizations mobilize against the National Defense Authorization Act's indefinite detention provision.

Sen. Kerry should take the lead to stop indefinite detentions of American citizens

ACLU of Massachusetts Executive Director Carol Rose posted the following on the On Liberty blog.

Massachusetts Senator John Kerry is one of the most powerful men in government. A decorated war hero and Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Kerry brings both honor and influence to his work. His voice carries weight.

Like others, I carry with me a memory of John Kerry upon his return from the Vietnam war, bravely testifying before Congress in an act of courage and conscience. His willingness to speak out against a war that was endangering our country is how we knew that Kerry was a hero. It’s what got him elected to office.

Now, again, our nation needs John Kerry to stand up for freedom.