Occupy Boston v. City of Boston, et al.

Civil rights attorneys from the National Lawyers Guild and the American Civil Liberties Union went to court on Nov. 15, 2011, seeking to protect the rights of free speech, assembly, petition, and association for demonstrators at Occupy Boston in Dewey Square, in light of recent heavy-handed police crackdowns on Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York, Portland, Ore., and Oakland, Calif.



Rule of law triumphs in resolution to Occupy Boston
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ACLU, NLG statement on police shut-down of Occupy Boston camp
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ACLU, National Lawyers Guild Call for Peaceful, Nonviolent Response to Occupy Boston
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Judge McIntyre Vacates Temporary Restraining Order for Occupy Boston
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The eyes of the world are on Occupy Boston
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Superior Court hears arguments on Occupy Boston temporary restraining order
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This is what democracy looks like
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Judge issues temporary restraining order protecting rights of Occupy Boston demonstrators
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Civil rights advocates seek protection for peaceful protest at Occupy Boston
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Legal Documents

Notice of Voluntary Dismissal

Motion for Temporary Restraining Order

Civil Action Cover Sheet

Memorandum in Support of Motion for Temporary Restraining Order

Motion for Appointment of Special Process

Motion for Filing Brief in Excess

Motion for Filing Temporary Restraining Order

Affidavit of Jennie Seidewand

Affidavit of Kristopher Martin

Affidavit of Noah McKenna

Affidavit of Sasha Sagan

Proposed Order

Service Letter

Verified Complaint

Court Order: Nov. 17, 2011

Court Order re: Motion for TRO

Supplemental Memorandum In Support Of Plantiff's Motion For A Temporary Restraining Order And, After Hearing, A Preliminary Injunction

Supplemental Brief

Affidavit of Cornelius Hurley

Affidavit of Patricia Jehlen

Affidavit of Peter LaFreniere

Affidavit of Richard Feigenberg

Affidavit of Kristopher Eric Martin

Supplemental Memorandum Concerning Post-Hearing Events and Affidavits

Plaintiffs’ Supplemental Memorandum

Affidavit of Andrews Claude

Affidavit of Jeffrey Feuer

Affidavit of Kristopher Eric Martin

Affidavit of Stephanie Grindle

Exhibit A

Denial of Motion for Preliminary Injunction

Memorandum and Decision