The ACLU depends on you! Our members and supporters provide the political clout that makes us powerful, and the financial support that makes it possible for our team of lawyers, advocates, and organizers to preserve, protect, and defend our constitutional rights and individual liberties.

The ACLU Foundation of Massachusetts has earned an "exceptional" 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, indicating that we adhere to good governance and other best practices and consistently execute our mission in a fiscally responsible way. When you give to the ACLU, you're making a real difference.

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The ACLU Foundation of Massachusetts is an IRS 501(c)3 organization that primarily engages in litigation and educational activities.


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The ACLU of Massachusetts is an IRS 501(c)4 organization that funds our lobbying and legislative work.


The ACLU is nonprofit, and nonpartisan. We do not accept government funding, and never charge clients for legal representation. We serve the public interest and are supported by the interested public--without that support there would be no ACLU.

Please support the ACLU as generously and consistently as you can--because the rights you save may be your own.

Other Ways of Giving

Renew your membership: We appreciate your loyal support! If you are already an ACLU member, you can renew your membership to help the ACLU continue to fight for liberty and justice for all!

Monthly Giving: Become a Guardian of Liberty with a gift of $10, $20, $50 or more each month, to provide the sustained support the ACLU needs to fight for our rights every day, in Massachusetts and across the nation!

Planned Giving: By including the ACLU in your will, you can leave a legacy of liberty for generations to come.

Make a tribute gift: A tribute gift is a meaningful way to honor a special friend, colleague or loved one while helping to protect civil liberties and human rights in Massachusetts and across the country.

Gift Memberships: Bring a friend or family member into the ACLU family and our ongoing fight for freedom with a gift membership!

Gift of Stock: By making a gift of stock you can support the work of the ACLU while securing tax benefits for yourself. Contact our Development Office for details on making a stock transfer gift.

Bill of Rights Dinner: Buy tickets to our annual celebration of liberty and justice for all, fulfill a pledge to our Dinner "Challenge," or offer your input and feedback on our only annual fundraising event!