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Can state or municipal governments enforce travel bans during emergencies or sporting events?

State and local authorities have issued travel restrictions twice—in just the past week.

ACLU calls on state lawmakers to pass legislation to help analyze and address racial bias in policing

"As we honor and remember Dr. King, we must heed renewed demands for racial justice today."

ACLU of Massachusetts condemns murder of NYPD officers

The ACLU of Massachusetts mourns the senseless murder of New York Police Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos. We condemn these murders, as we do violence against all police officers.

Nothing can justify murder, whether the victims are police officers or civilians. It’s time to adopt new approaches to ensuring public safety--for officers and civilians alike.

ACLU investigates charge that Massachusetts state trooper used pepper spray against peaceful protestor

First Amendment protects rights of demonstrators, including the right to record police officers performing their duties in public.

"You helped me realize that the law can be a tool to foster social justice."

On Thanksgiving, thanks to Juliana Morgan-Trostle, who gave us permission to share this email she wrote to Bill Newman, ACLU of Massachusetts attorney and director of our western Massachusetts legal office in Northampton. Bill helped in 2008 when Amherst Regional High School tried to restrict a student production of The Vagina Monologues.