’Tis the season—for crèche controversies

During the Christmas season, the ACLU of Massachusetts frequently gets calls from members of the public concerned about religious holiday displays on government property, such as crèches on town commons. To help, we've put together this updated advisory on religious displays.

Learn more at aclum.org/holiday.

Markey revelations on handover of detailed cell-phone call and location data urgently highlight need for reform

ACLU of Massachusetts calls for passage of the Electronic Privacy Act in Massachusetts, and the federal USA Freedom Act to rein in domestic spying dragnets.

Government eases "special administrative measures" imposed on Tsarnaev defense

ACLU of Massachusetts warned that unusual restrictions threaten fair administration of justice and could undermine confidence in the integrity of the process or its outcome.

Northampton special prosecutor dismisses charges against Jonas Correia

Civil disorderly conduct charge against ACLU client stemmed from incident in which Correia exercised right to video-record a police officer questioning three men of color.

Mayor-elect Walsh announces opposition to "Secure Communities"

ACLU of Massachusetts praises Boston's incoming mayor for standing up to the Federal S-Comm deportation dragnet.