Governor issues regulations to end shackling of pregnant women in prisons and jails

ACLU of Massachusetts renews call for bill to ban shackling and to establish basic standards of care for pregnant women in state jails and prisons.

Massachusetts high court requires warrant for cell phone location information

Supreme Judicial Court rules that people have a reasonable expectation of privacy for data that cell phone companies hold about them.

Lawmakers advance bill to ban shackling of pregnant incarcerated women

Medical practitioners, human rights organizations, women's groups and faith leaders applaud the release of the bill to stop inhumane practice in Massachusetts.

ACLU responds to decision to seek death penalty against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Massachusetts has repeatedly rejected the death penalty, and we must stay true to our values even—and especially—in a case like this.

Rights groups sue to stop dog searches of prison visitors

Prisoners' Legal Services and ACLU of Massachusetts sue to stop policy implemented without meeting a statutory requirement for public notification and opportunity for comment.