ACLU of Massachusetts criticizes measures imposed on federal public defenders in Tsarnaev case

Justice Department's actions threaten the right to due process and zealous advocacy, by limiting defense counsel's ability to conduct factual research and by potentially exposing confidential attorney documents to government review.

Immigration detainees at Suffolk House of Corrections launch hunger strike

Detainees report conditions that mirror those identified by the ACLU five years ago in report "Detention and Deportation in the Age of ICE."

FBI abuse includes warrantless wiretapping, racial and religious profiling, abusive detention

ACLU report finds FBI practices violate constitutional rights, and offers recommendations for reform.

See how Homeland Security did an end-run around the Constitution to search a Massachusetts traveler

Documents show how the government abuses its border-search authority to evade constitutional restrictions on its surveillance powers.

Family of Mark Fernandes McMullen renews call for justice and inquest into his death

Commemorating second anniversary of police shooting, advocates repeat call for independent investigation.