Amid "occupations," ACLU offers guidance on the rights of demonstrators

In light of the “Occupy" protests in Massachusetts and around the country, the ACLU of Massachusetts highlights these on the rights of demonstrators (and everyone else).

New Civil Liberties Minute reflect on Troy Davis and the death penalty

In the latest episode of the Civil Liberties Minute, host Bill Newman asks "What does the execution of Troy Davis teach us about the death penalty in America?".

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Students testify before Joint Education Committee on bills to reduce school dropouts, increase fairness

ACLU of Massachusetts backs measures filed by state Rep. Alice Wolf, to ensure a consistent, fair, and responsible process for school discipline, and continued educational services for all students.

Davis execution shows need to end the death penalty

The ACLU of Massachusetts is proud of our role in keeping the death penalty out of Massachusetts--by just one vote in 1997--but the execution of Troy Davis shows the importance of ending this injustice nationwide. Learn more about capital punishment and the ACLU's work against it.

Background: Capital Punishment | Podcast: Saying "never again" to the death penalty

Blog: Troy Anthony Davis: Victim of American Injustice

Letter: A Message From Troy Davis (

ACLU supports easier access to public records

The ACLU of Massachusetts supports public records reform, to make it easier for citizens to get the information they need to watch what our government is doing. Public money pays for the creation of this information, so it only makes sense that most of it should be easily available to the public.

On Sept. 24, 2011, in a rare move, 20 Massachusetts newspapers published a joint editorial on the need for reform of the state's public records laws.

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