Birther nonsense

Listen to our latest Civil Liberties Minute podcast, wherein host Bill Newman asks: "What are we to make of the fact that President Obama, having released his long form birth certificate, has failed to silence birther bull****?

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Efforts to shoot down sex education website backfire

"Let’s hand it to the folks in the Massachusetts legislature: they sure know how to drive traffic to an otherwise obscure website.

Until yesterday, most of us had never heard of the comprehensive sex educational website, But when a handful of lawmakers tried to score political points in the culture wars by calling on the Governor to shut it down, I joined thousands of others and just had to take a look!"

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Massachusetts high court says evidence of non-criminal marijuana possession does not authorize police searches

The Supreme Judicial Court has ruled in Commonwealth v. Cruz, an ACLU case, that the mere smell of marijuana no longer justifies a search or seizure.

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Gov. Patrick signs amendment to 2010 law, narrowing restrictions on Internet content

Gov. Patrick has signed legislation addressing constitutional flaws in a statute blocked by federal court in October, following a challenge brought by the Harvard Book Store, Porter Square Books, the Photographic Resource Center, a licensed marriage and family therapist, trade associations, and the ACLU. The controversial 2010 law imposed severe restrictions on Internet content, including discussion of topics such as literature, art, and sexual and reproductive health.

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Save a Breast

Listen to the latest Civil Liberties MInute episode, which asks: What lessons can be learned from a school suspending students for wearing--on Breast Cancer Awareness Day--a bracelet that says, "I Heart Boobies," "Save A Breast," or "Keep A Breast"?

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