Civil Liberties Minute episodes: LGBT Rights

Just in time for LGBT Pride season, the following is a collection of Civil Liberties Minute episodes that highlight issues and news stories concerning LGBT rights and equality.

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ACLU testifies for Transgender Equal Rights

Gavi Wolfe, our legislative counsel, gave this testimony in favor of the Transgender Equal Rights bill to a packed hearing of the Joint Committee on the Judiciary, at the Massachusetts State House on June 8, 2011.

U.S. Court of Appeals to hear case on video recording of police

Boston police officers arrested Simon Glik for using his cell phone to record their use of force against another person on Boston Common.

Governor Patrick rejects S-Comm deportation program

Governor Patrick today announced his opposition to the federal deportation program known as "Secure Communities," or S-Comm, which sends the fingerprints of everyone arrested--not convicted--for any offense to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

News Release | Blog: Governor Patrick walks the walk on community policing and immigration

El Gobernador Patrick rechaza programa federal de deportación en Massachusetts

ACLU celebra el liderazgo del gobernador en contra del programa llamado "Comunidades Seguras/Secure Communities"

English: Gov. Patrick rejects federal deportation program in Massachusetts