ACLU offices closed January 27 due to storm

The ACLU of Massachusetts offices in Boston, Worcester, Springfield and Northampton will be closed on Tuesday, January 27, because of winter storm Juno.

ACLU calls on state lawmakers to pass legislation to help analyze and address racial bias in policing

"As we honor and remember Dr. King, we must heed renewed demands for racial justice today."

ACLU extends Worcester police documentation initiative

WPD leadership denies serious, ongoing problem with police misconduct and abuse.

Mass. Supreme Judicial Court to consider remedy for tens of thousands of people affected by massive drug lab scandal

More than three years after revelation of criminal misconduct by Annie Dookhan, defendants convicted with tainted evidence still cannot clear their names.

Victory! ACLU wins 11-year-old's right to protest without paying for police detail

Imposing the $200-400 fee for peaceful political assembly and speech violates the First Amendment.